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Petroleum Conservation News and Tips: Towards healthy and better environment

Petroleum Conservation News and Tips: Towards healthy and better environment 

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Petroleum Conservation News and Tips

Fuel is a material that is used in burning or heating something to produce an energy. Almost everything we use is dependent on fuel. From cooking to automobile manufacture and working, fuel plays an indispensable role. Life without fuel is almost impossible to imagine. But, currently, we are facing a huge fuel crisis.

Petroleum Conservation Tips

  • Drive between 45-55 Km/H.
  • Keep your engine healthy.
  • Drive in the Correct Gear.
  • Don't wait for your car to warm up.
  • Good Braking Habits.
  • Keep your Foot off the Clutch.
  • Clean Air Filter Regularly.
  • Watch Your Tyre Pressure.

Saving global by growing local

Petroleum are natural sources of energy formed from the remains of decomposed plants and animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. The fuels are buried deep within the earth and harvested by humans for power. More than 70 percent of electricity in the United States is generated from fossil fuels such as coal and oil, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Conserving fossil fuels and using other forms of energy reap many benefits.

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Effect of Human Activities on the Environment

Humanity's effects on the global environment have grown more and more significant since becoming the dominant species on Earth. According to Smithsonian Magazine, many scientists refer to the current geological time period as "The Anthropocene Era," meaning "the new period of man." Never before in our planet's history have human activities had a greater impact on the environment. Many scientists and environmental groups believe that the most significant environmental issues today result from burning fossil fuels for energy, leading to land and water pollution, ecosystem damage and importantly, climate change.

Conservation of Petroleum Products in India:

India is fast becoming a big producer, consumer and importer of petroleum products. The demand for petroleum products is increasing at an alarmingly accelerated rate. At current rate of consumption, our known oil reserves will last only for 30-40 years. This puts heavy strain on our economic resources and calls for an urgent need to conserve petroleum products.

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Saving fuel is just as important as fuel production. Saving fuel, saves our money too. Fuel conservation must be practiced as a daily habit. The awareness of fuel conservation must be spread for a better future. Conserve fuel for a better future!

The need for conservation of petroleum products has been increasingly felt during the last few years. The Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas is doing a commendable job to promote conservation of petroleum products.

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