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Durga Puja 2019 Calendar | Mahalaya, Durga Puja, Vijaya Dashami dates in 2019 -

Durga Puja 2019 Calendar| Mahalaya, Durga Puja, Vijaya Dashami dates in 2019 and 2020 -

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Durga Puja (Bengali: দুর্গাপূজা, Assamese: দুৰ্গা পূজা, Odia: ଦୁର୍ଗା ପୂଜା)
Mahalaya marks the beginning of the annual Durga Puja festival for Bengalis. On this day, Goddess Durga is believed to descend on Earth, her ‘paternal home’, every year.

Durga Puja 2019 calendar:

  • 28 September, Saturday: Mahalaya
  • 3 October, Thursday: Maha Panchami
  • 4 October, Friday: Maha Shasthi
  • 5 October, Saturday: Maha Saptami
  • 6 October, Sunday: Maha Ashtami
  • 7 October, Monday: Maha Navami
  • 8 October, Tuesday: Vijaya Dashami
Durga Puja also called Durgotsava, is an annual Hindu festival in the Indian subcontinent that reveres the goddess Durga. It is particularly popular in the Indian states of West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, and Odisha, the modern-nation of Bangladesh and the diaspora from this region, and in Nepal where it is called Dashain. The festival is observed in the Hindu calendar month of Ashvin, typically September or October of the Gregorian calendar, and is a multi-day festival that features elaborate temple and stage decorations (pandals), scripture recitation, performance arts, revelry, and processions. 

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Durga puja is one of the mostly grandly celebrated festivals in the country with the celebrations carrying over well beyond a week. Each day has its own special meaning and different activities are carried out everyday. Some of these are:

Durga Puja 2020 Calender:Below are the dates when Durga Puja is celebrated in 2020:

  • Mahalaya Tuesday 15 September 2020
  • Maha Panchami Wednesday 21 October 2020
  • Maha Sasthi Tursday 22 October 2020
  • Maha Saptami Friday 23 October 2020
  • Maha Ashtami Saturday 24 October 2020
  • Maha Nabami Sunday 25 October 2020
  • Bijaya Dashami Monday 26 October 2020

Detailed Information About The Festival Of Durga Puja:

The actual beginning of Durga Puja takes place from the sixth day (Shashthi). It is believed that on this day only Goddess Durga came on Earth. Being celebrated for a span of five days, on the sixth day there exists a ritual of Bilva Nimantran, Kalparambh, Akaal Bodhan, Amantran and Adhivas. On the day of Maha Saptami, Navpatrika and Kolabou Pooja is performed.

While, on the day of Maha Ashtami Durga Ashtami, Kumari Pooja and Sandhi Pooja is performed. On the day of Maha Navami, Durga Balidan and Navami Havan is done. In the end, on the day of Dashmi Durga Visarjan, Vijayadashami and Sindoor festival is celebrated.

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