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2019 Top 20 Latest GK Questions in English || Important GK Questions with Answers

2019 Top 20 Latest GK Questions in English -

Important GK Questions with Answers:

1. With which does the power to extend or restrict the jurisdiction of the High Court rest?

 (A) With the Parliament 

(B) With the Legislative

(C) With the Council of Minister

(D) With the Rajya Sabha

Ans . A 

2. Which among the following are the three types of services envisaged in the Constitution of India?

[A]Navy Service, Air force Service and Army Service

[B]Civil Service, Military Service and Paramilitary Service

[C]All-India services, Central services and State services

[D]First Grade Service, Second Grade Service and Third Grade Services

Ans: All-India services, Central services and State services

3. The National Game of India is  

A. Cricket 
B. Football 
C. Tennis 
D. Hockey

Answer: D. Hockey

4. 2010 World Cup football tournament was held in

A. Austria 
B. Germany 
C. South Africa 
D. Turin

Answer: C. South Africa

5.The granary discovered at Harappa was located:

A. within the citadel at Mohenjodaro

B. in the "Lower town'

C. near the river Ravi

D. beside the western gate of the city

Ans .C

6. Governor is appointed by the …… 

(A) Prime Minister

(B) President

(C) Chief Justice of India

(D) Chief Justice of the concerned state high court

Ans . B

7. Metals which chemically behave both as metals and non-metals is called.

(A) alloys

(B) metalloids

(C) halogens

(D) chalkogens

Ans .  B

8. Which of the following articles of the Constitution deals with a financial emergency?

(A) Article 352

(B) Article 356

(C) Article 360

(D) Article 370

Ans .  C

9. Telephone was invented by…

(A) J.L. Baird

(B) Alexander Graham Bell

(C) K. Macmillan

(D) None of these

Ans .  B

10. The famous Chinese traveler Fahien came to India during the reign of….

(A) Harshvardhan

(B) Chandragupta II

(C) Kanishka

(D) Samudragupta

Ans .  B

11. Which of the following planets is NOT a terrestrial planet?

(A) Mercury

(B) Venus

(C) Earth

(D) Saturn

Ans .  D

12. What is the minimum age required to become the President, Vice-President of India or Governor of Indian state?

(A) 21 years

(B) 25 years

(C) 30 years

(D) 35 years

Ans .  D

13. Who was last Governor General of free India?

(A) Mountbatten

(B) Linlithgow

(C) Willingdon

(D) C. Rajagopalachari

Ans . D

14. Universities in the Presidency towns in India were established in?

(A) 1856

(B) 1857

(C) 1858

(D) 1859

Ans . B

15. Who was the founder of Indian National Congress ?

(A) Anand Mohan Bose

(B) W.C. Bannerji

(C) A.O. Hume

(D) William Adam

Ans . C

16. Who asserted, "Swaraj is my Birth Right and I will have it." ?

(A) Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

(B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(C) Lala Lajpat Rai

(D) Bipin Chandra Pal

Ans . B

17. Who was private secretary of Mahatma Gandhi?

(A) Gopal Krishan Gokhlae

(B) Raj Kumar Shukla

(C) Mahadev Desia

(D) Nathu Ram Godse

Ans . C

18. Which of the following refers to GEF grant agreement recently signed between the Central Government and the World Bank?

(A) Monetary Fund Regulation Project

(B) Ecosystem Service Improvement Project

(C) Trade and Tariffs Project

(C) Employment Opportunities Project

Ans .  B

19. Which one of the following is China's next-generation bullet train?

(A) Ruxing

(B) Beijing

(C) Boxing

(C) Fuxing

Ans .  D

20. In Forbes' List of Richest Indians the Second richest Indian after Mukesh Ambani is -

(A) Laxmi Mittal

(B) Hinduja Brothers

(C) Azmi Premji

(D) Anil Ambani

Ans .  C

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