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15th August Independence Day 2019 Best Short and Long Speech in English, Hindi and Bengali

15th August Independence Day Best Speech in English, Hindi and Bengali

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1. Good Morning Principal Sir/Madam, teachers and friends. Today I am going to give a short speech on Independence Day.

It is our 73rd Independence Day, today. We must take part in the events with devotion. It is very important to honor the flag and sing national anthem. We must remember our brave freedom fighters on this day.

We should be dressed like Bapu, Chacha Nehru, and Bhagat Singh in order to remember them. Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs must celebrate the day together. It is also a national holiday today.

It was very pleasing to address you all. Thank You! Happy Independence Day!

2. Respected; Principal, teachers, staff members and all my dear friends. I welcome you all from the bottom of my heart on this day of national reverence, when we celebrate the country’s 73rd Independence Day, today.

I feel immensely honoured to having been given an opportunity to address you all on such a significant occasion and express my own views.

As we all know that India gained independence on August 15, 1947. It was on this day that the British departed from Indian soil, transferring the legislative powers to the Indian Constituent Assembly. In other words, India was now to be ruled by its own people and not by foreign invaders.

It was the most joyous moment in the history of India as it came following nearly two centuries of struggle and revolutions against British sovereignty. The day reminds us of the valour and sacrifices of our fellow countrymen, who were the torchbearers of the freedom struggle.

Let us celebrate this Independence Day to commemorate the indomitable spirit of our freedom fighters and political patrons of that time. It is because of them that we enjoy the fruits of freedom today.

3. Very good morning to the honorable Chief Guest of the day, respected teachers, parents and my all dear friends. I wish you all a very Happy Independence Day. We all know the reason of get together here in such a big crowd. We all are excited celebrating this great day in such an excellent manner. We are gathered here to celebrate nth independence day of our nation.

First of all we hoist our honorable national flag then give a salute to all the heroic deeds of the freedom fighters. I am feeling so proud to be an Indian citizen. I have such a great chance to give a speech on the Independence Day in front of you all. I would like to say thanks to my respected class teacher that she has given me an opportunity to share my views with you all about the freedom of India.

We celebrate Independence day every year on 15th of August because India got freedom on the night of 14th of August in 1947. Just after the independence of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had given a speech on the Independence day in New Delhi. When people all over the world were sleeping, people in India were waking to get freedom and life from the British rule. Now, after the independence, India has been a largest democratic country in the world. Our country is a most famous country for the saying of unity in diversity. It face many incidents testing its secularism however Indian people become always ready to answer with their unity.

15 August Independence Day Best  Bengali Speech 2019


Best Long Speech for Independence Day in English

Hon’ble Guests of Honor, Managers, other Staff Members and My Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!

I am feeling extremely happy today by hosting the eve of Independence Day. We as Indians should realize the importance of Independence Day and should be filled with utmost pride to have finally get back our freedom from the chain of British rule. It gives me a sense of joy which is unspeakable in words when I see our national flag soaring in the wind high up. I am sure you can relate to my emotions. Like all, we know Independence Day is celebrated on the 15th of August every year and it is in the year 1947 that India come out as a free nation. Since this is a day of great importance for all the Indians, the national holiday is being declared in India and all of us celebrate Independence Day with great joy and happiness.

Does anyone here know about the period of Britishers? Well, let me share with you all that it was between 1858 to 1947 that the British colonized our Indian subcontinent.

When the East India Company arrived in India, East India Company stripped of the goods and land of Indian people by conspiracy.

The East India Company was founded in 1600. Though apparently, East India Company’s main aim was to trade, it eventually became an indomitable force of colonization controlling the most part of our Indian subcontinent. The people living in the Indian subcontinent during that time became the part of the British colonial rule under Queen Victoria and subsequently other monarchs who came after her.

I am sure we all can say that getting independence under such challenging situation was not an easy task, but required long and persistent efforts. We can never forget the sacrifices of the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Lala Lajpat Rai, Chandrashekhar Azad, Rani Lakshmibai, Ashfaqulla Khan, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Vallabhbhai Patel, Mangal Pandey, Udham Singh, Tatya Tope, Ram Prasad Bismil, Sukhdev Thapar, Khudiram Bose, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Sarojini Naidu, Madan Lal Dhingra who had lost their lives just for fighting for their country. How can we ignore all the struggles of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhiji achieved independence by not following the path of violence, but through his policy of non-violence wherein, he did not oppose the rule of British through armed battle rather he with his followers started the non-violence campaign which comprised hunger strikes and disobedience. The efforts of freedom fighters and great leaders ultimately brought an end to the British Raj in our country.

We should salute those heroic spirits and pay our tribute to them by remembering their brave works and sacrifice for our motherland and never forget that it is because of freedom fighters and great leaders efforts that we stand today and breathe in an Independent India.

It was somewhat in the midnight between 14th August and daytime of 15th August 1947 that the treaty of Indian sovereignty was signed. In India, Jawaharlal Nehru became the prime minister of India and Britain renounced his rule over India. The British no longer had anything to do with the Indian affairs.

We can understand very well the intensity of that important time when India actually gained independence. It is quite significant to understand that even though India gained independence in 1947, it was only in the 1950s that India’s official constitution as an independent nation came into effect. The period in between was a transition phase in the form of 3 years.

So on this day of great historical importance, our prime minister visits Red Fort and hoists our National Flag or Tiranga. Post that the national anthem is being sung. It is then followed by a speech delivered by our prime minister to the people of its country. Now, the 73rd Independence Day will be celebrated on August 15th, 2019.  The whole site looks so spectacular and mesmerizing that we can’t help but remain in awe while witnessing the whole ceremony.

In the end, all that can be said is Independence is priceless and our soldiers are so brave that they are continuously fighting on borders in order to protect our country from any Enemy or terrorist group. So we should never fail to value this Independence and preserve it wholeheartedly.

This is all I can say, Jai Hind!

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Independence Day Speech in Hindi

शहीदों की चिताओं पर लगेंगे हर बरस मेले,
वतन पर मरने वालों का बस यही बाकि निशा होगा!

भारत माता की-जय
आदरणीय अतिथिगण, प्रधानाध्यापक , अध्यापकगण, पधारे हुए अभिभावक और मेरे सभी सहपाठियों को स्वतंत्रता दिवस के पवन अवसर पर शुभकामनाए देता हूँ|
दोस्तों, हम प्रतिवर्ष 15 अगस्त को स्वतंत्रता दिवस के रूप में मानते हैं क्यों कि 15 अगस्त सन 1947 को भारत ने कई वर्षों बाद आज़ादी की पहली सुबह देखि थी| इस दिन पहली बार भारत के प्रधानमंत्री पंडित जवाहरलाल नहरू ने लाल किले पर तिरंगा फहराया था| आज भारत को आज़ाद हुए …… वर्ष हो चुकें हैं| आज भी प्रतिवर्ष भारत के प्रधानमंत्री लाल किले पर राष्ट्रध्वज तिरंगे को फहराकर पुरे देश को स्वतंत्रता दिवस की शुभकामनाएँ देते हैं|

साथियों, आज हम अंग्रेजों की गुलामी की जंजीरों से तो आज़ाद हो गए हैं, लेकिन आज भी हमारे देश को भ्रष्ट्राचार, गरीबी और भुखमरी जैसी जंजीरों ने जकड रखा है| दोस्तों, कहा गया है की किसी भी देश का भविष्य उस देश के युवा होते हैं, युवा पीडी के हाथ में ही देश की बागडौर होती है| भारत को आज़ादी दिलाने में युवाओं का ही योगदान था|

इसीलिए आज 15 अगस्त स्वतंत्रता दिवस के इस पावन अवसर पर हम सभी को यह प्रण लेना चाहिए की हम भारत को भ्रष्ट्राचार, गरीबी और भुखमरी की जंजीरों से आज़ाद कर देंगे| आज हम सभी यह प्रण लें की हम सभी ना तो भ्रष्टाचार करेंगे और ना ही करने देंगे|

भारत की आज़ादी से कूछ साल पहले अंग्रेजों के अत्याचारों से तंग आकर भारत में आजादी की एक लहर ने जन्म लिया था| अंग्रेजी हुकूमत से विद्रोह की कुछ ऐसी आंधी चली की भारत का बच्चा-बच्चा भारत की आज़ादी के लिए स्वतंत्रता संग्राम में शामिल हुआ|

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