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PUBG Mobile Season 8: Top 5 changes that give you better experience in Pubg Mobile -

PUBG Mobile Season 8: Top 5 Additions that give you better experience in Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mobile Season 8 brings a brand new 'Power of the Ocean' theme, Bizon gun, and a 'Water Blaster' skin for the Scar-L in the gun lab.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 was released 17th July 2019 with lot's of new features including weapons skins, outfits, rewards, new theme and more,

Season 8 of PUBG Mobile is out and brings a whole lot of features to the game. A part from the new Royal Pass, the new season includes a range of new content ranging from a new theme, new costumes, skins, and so on. But there are a few additions that actually bring a new aspect to the game.

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Rating protection card: New rating protection cards, including rating protection card (duration) and rating protection card (uses), will take effect when ratings change. No rating will be deducted while the card is active. It only applies to Crown tier and below. The card will help players from rating deductions.
HDR Mode: PUBG Mobile Season 8 brings an update to the HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode. Season 8 of PUBG comes with a high frame rate option for the high-end device. The new mode, if enabled, will bring better visual details and smoother gameplay experience at the cost of battery life. HDR Mode helps in improving details in shadow and highlight areas thereby bringing a brighter experience.

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FPP and TPP in Team Deathmatch: The Deathmatch mode can now be played in both first-person perspective (FPP) and third-person perspective (TPP). The mode features fast-paced firefights and allows players to create their rooms with room cards.
    Tier transfer: The rules for tier transfer have been revised in PUBG Season 8. As per the new rules, Tiers below Gold are transferred as-is to the next season.

    New PP-19 Bizon gun: The new sub-machine gun offers the largest magazine on an SMG. It uses 9 mm bullets and has 53-rounds in a magazine. It also supports limited muzzles and sights. The new gun was first teased in the PUBG - Vikendi Snow Map Gameplay Trailer.

    1. Items have been added to BP Shop for Prime subscribers, including Season 8 passes, mission cards and more.
    2. The UC Purchase Bonus screen has been updated. Rewards have also been updated.
    3. Title visual effects have been improved.
    4. Select mythic outfits are now shown with weapons drawn.
    5. Unified the Crate names and fine-tuned the visual effect of the navigation bar on the right side.
    6. Bonus Challenge results are now calculated in real-time. The Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States regions will be start soon.

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