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Oil conservation for better and healthy environment || Oil Conservation News and Tips

Oil Conservation News and Tips || oil conservation for better and healthy environment:

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Oil Conservation News and Tips

Oil conservation is a big topic that seeps into even the smallest aspects of modern life. It’s Valentines Day: you order dessert to top off a special meal at your favorite restaurant, and then take a bite of the raspberry tart. Something tastes off — not the fruit itself, but the aftertaste, once you realize how it got to your plate. What’s oil got to do with it, you might wonder, and the answer is, everything.

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Today’s global market brings the world to your table with fresh produce appearing year round in markets all over the United States. Your climate determines which fruits can be grown locally, or even in your hemisphere. The summer fruits, such as peaches, plums and berries that stock markets in the dead of winter needed oil to fuel the thousands of miles they traveled on trucks, trains and ships. Globalization resulted in the stiff competition that made imports affordable, despite the costs inherent in long-distance shipping, due to cheap labor, and sometimes-lax agricultural safeguards. Organic produce, championed as the answer to toxic pesticides still relies on burning greenhouse-emitting fossil fuels to reach their destination. For foods transported around the globe, organic and sustainable mean two different things. Fraud further erodes imported organics luster. Recently, the FDA uncovered a plan to fake the organic status of Chinese fruit and vegetable imports.

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Why should we save fuel for better environment and health?

Fuel is a natural resource that produces useful energy when it undergoes a chemical or nuclear reaction. Coal, wood, oil, petrol or gas provides energy when burned so we consider them fuel. But as we all know fuel is not man made and it occurs only naturally so its judicious use is much more needed not for today but for future generation too.

We do not need fuel only to run our vehicles only but it needs to run our life and better environment too.Our environment is being affected due to combustion of fuels by the automotive. The automobiles run on petrol or diesel, the automotive burn the fuels to run the automobiles .The burned fuels are released into the environment, this released smoke or burned fuels are depleting the Ozone layer of the earth. Due to the depletion of Ozone layer, Greenhouse effect is taking place and the earth is getting heated up and burning from inside.

These all are affecting our health badly. At the same time though it is also bad for the environment and the more petrol we use the more emissions we create. It is high time that humanity was off of fossil fuels and use alternative sources of it. To have a great impact on our health and the environment isn’t an easy task. But if we are motivated and really want to adjust our lifestyle in order to develop positive habits, and to do our part to change the negative trends against the environment and save Fuel deposit, this is a must. Saving fuel for the future is therefore an urgent necessity.

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  • How to Save Fuel ?

1. Keep Tires Inflated to the Correct Pressure

Buy tire gauges for your drivers so they can ensure that tires are inflated to the manufacturer's recommended level. One underinflated tire can cut fuel economy by 2 percent per pound of pressure below the proper inflation level. One out of four drivers, on average, drive vehicles with one or more underinflated tires. When a tire is underinflated by 4 to 5 psi below the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure, for example, vehicle fuel consumption increases by 10 percent and, over the long haul, will cause a 15-percent reduction in tire tread life. Check the vehicle's doorpost sticker for minimum tire inflation pressure.

2. Use Cruise Control During Highway Driving

Unnecessary changes in speed are wasteful. The use of cruise control helps improve fuel economy.

3. Don't Buy Premium Fuel

Resist the urge to buy higher-octane gas for "premium" performance, unless the car requires it. Octane has nothing to do with gasoline performance; it merely indicates the volatility factor in the combustion chamber. Unless the owner's manual of your vehicle specifically requires it, don't use premium fuel. Fuel costs could be cut as much as 10 cents per gallon by using regular fuel instead of premium.

4. Drive the Posted Speed Limit

This tip may save a life as well as fuel. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates a 10- to 15-percent improvement in fuel economy by driving 55 instead of 65 mph.

5. Purchase a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Purchasing fuel-efficient vehicles is a great way to save on gas. Many models are now available with mpg ratings of 30 and above.

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The environment has always been our friend. It has been with our grandparents, and their parents and even before humans existed. But now we have come to a time where it will all be over soon if we don't act. Without our environment we cannot thrive but without us, environment can very well thrive. The overuse of Fuels is killing the environment! So let's not forget that we depend on nature and not the vice versa. So it'll be good if don't destroy the nature on which we depend so much. Those beautiful birds, the magnificent mountains, those mesmerizing flowers, the blue skies and all of nature is in a danger because of deforestation, air and land pollution , global warming,etc.
Coal, oil and natural gas are some of the fuels. These are non-renewable fuels. There will be a time when these fuels will no longer be available. The answer is to find newer alternative sources of harvesting renewable energy like solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, tidal energy, etc. These are the energy sources which we need to use instead of using fossil fuels which are the main cause of pollution.
Excessive use of fuels is the cause for depletion of the ozone layer. It is the cause excessive amount of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It is the cause of global warming. It is the cause of everything bad happening right now on the surface of the earth! Study has shown that if we don't use fuels for even a day, a lot of change happens in the atmosphere. Trees usually absorb a lot of the polluted air. With no fuel emmited in a day, the air we breathe will be very pure. Global warming will reduce.
Humans might be the most intelligent and smartest of all living beings, but what good is power when you can't use it well. What good is intelligence when you can't protect the environment which protected us all along. That is why environmental awareness is the need of the hour. We need to tell our friends, parents and relatives about the threats to our environment. We need to plant more trees, avoid using fuel, start walking or riding bicycles rather than using vehicles, and so on. Only these small steps taken by all the citizens can help save the nature and the future of the next generation.
The nature gave us air, water, food, clothing, you name it. So it's time to return the favour. It's time to take small steps together and protect our planet. It's time to tell people the importance of environmental awareness. It's time to make a difference.

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Petroleum Conservation News and Tips: Towards healthy and better environment 


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