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Beauty care for all
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Deodorant and brittle nails:
Lemon juice is a good deodorant.
Dip a piece of cotton in the lemon juice. Rub thoroughly morning and evening for a week.

Wrinkles, skins and oily faces:
Facial lotions, twice a day with lemon juice help to remove stains, also clear the complexion and fight cracks, chapped skin, all irritations.
Thanks to its regulating property of cutaneous vasomotion, pure lemon juice softens and clarifies the skin, especially that of people whose skin is oily.
face lotion morning and evening with lemon juice by cotton swab and allow to dry for 20 minutes in the air without wiping before cream or dusting if you use it.
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Red spots on the skin and freckles:
Rub the affected part with a piece of absorbent cotton soaked in lemon juice.
Maintain the gentleness of the hands.
Coat them with a mixture of ripe lemon juice, cologne and glycerin in equal parts.
Against bad breath

To fight it make mouthwash in the morning on an empty stomach, towards evening and night before going to bed with the following preparation: 7 spoonfuls ripe lemon juice in a quarter of a liter of boiling water.After shaking well, add two teaspoons of powdered anise seeds, let stand for 4 hours and pass.

Lemon juice is used to massage the scalp, fortify it, to degrease it, it can be hairspray.

To have very clean teeth and fortified gums, weekly brushing with ripe lemon juice.

To facilitate the exit of a baby's teeth, with a very clean finger dipped in a mixture of equal parts of boiled water and lemon juice, rub his gums.

To relieve fatigue and combat swelling, rub them with lemon juice soaked in a piece of cotton.

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