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Oil Pulling Method For Overall Beauty and Health | Oil Pulling Benefits

So what is Oil Pulling? We are just done with Oil Cleansing and now Oil Pulling, you must be wondering what and all we are doing with the Oils but let me tell you this is one remedy that will not only give you a beautiful skin but also a great health. Oil Pulling is an age old Indian Ayurvedic Method of detoxing and before going into the recipe I would like to warn you that it might sound gross. Yes, but once you decide to do it you will get over it anyway and the results that you get are just amazing. Do not use Oil Pulling Method if you are Pregnant or Nursing or have Amalgam Fillings (Silver/Mercury Fillings as it tends to pull it off and its very risky as you can swallow it).

You will need 1 Tbsp. Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil and now don’t collapse, you gotta take a tbsp. of oil as soon as you get up in the morning (yes, before brushing) in your mouth and swish it for about 15-20 minutes.

I know it sounds like the weirdest remedy ever but I can assure you that you will love the results and you wouldn’t mind the looking like a clown swishing the oil every morning. Yes, you can’t talk, is it even possible to talk when you have overpowering sesame oil inside your mouth? I would suggest you don’t concentrate on what you are doing and instead check your emails and do other stuff while swishing.

After 20 minutes you gotta spit the oil out and you want the oil to be a thin, white foam when you spit out. Gross, I know.

Oil pulling removes toxins from your body through your mouth. First few things you will notice would be surprisingly invisible dark circles and puffy eyes in a matter of a few days, so no more puffy and panda eyes, Glowing skin, high energy, mentally more alert and less mood swings. Your digestive system and immunity will improve and you will feel better overall.

If you want you can stop using your beauty treatments for a week or so to test this method.

You can use Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower oil if you can’t bear the smell of Sesame Oil.

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