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Natural cure for high blood pressure || Health tips form tipsbugs

Hypertension, or commonly known as high blood pressure is considered as a silent killer. It is a disease of modern times. The fast pace of life and the mental and physical pressures caused by increased industrial metropolitan area play a major role in causing the high blood pressure. Blood pressure is measured with an instrument called sfigo-gauge that measured in millimeters of Mercury. The highest pressure that come during the pounding of the heart is called systolic pressure and the lowest between two heartbeats is known as diastolic pressure. Most young people have a pressure about 120/80. The pressure increase with age up to 160/90. If you have high blood pressure here is some advice. 

This ingredient will help:

250 grams with horseradish grater, then pour the 2 liters of water and let it boil, once it boils put it on side, and wait it to get cool. You can drink it every day 100 milligrams, and then you have one week break, and then repeat again.

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