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5 Biggest accidents during film shooting, number 1 died during shoot Original

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Hello Friends, we all enjoy watching Bollywood and Hollywood movies and some of them show amazing stunts but it is not at all easy to shoot those stunts, today we are going to tell you about 5 biggest accidents of film history that happened during shooting.

5) Jacqueline Fernandez - Salman Khan's Race 3 released in 2018 and did normal business, during the shoot in Dubai Jacqueline Fernandez met an accident where her right eye got hurt, she was immediately hospitalized and the shoot was cancelled.

4) Akshay Kumar - Akshay Kumar's shoulder got badly injured while shooting the climax scene of Rowdy Rathore, he wanted to carry on shooting but after some time the pain became unbearable and they cancelled the shoot.

3) Titanic - Titanic is one of the most loved movie of all time, During the shooting of Titanic 80 members from the cast and crew including Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio suddenly became sick and hospitalized, medical reports revealed their food has been poisoned with PCP- spiked clam chowder.

2) Roar - This film is considered as one of the most dangerous movie ever shot in film history because the cast of the film included many dangerous Lions. The shooting continued for years and 70 crew members were badly hurt because of Lions.

1) Brandon Lee - Bruce lee's son Brandon Lee was an actor, during the shoot of film 'The Crow' fake bullets were shot at him but because of a technical mistake the bullet tore into Lee's abdomen went through his vital organs and he died of massive internal bleeding.

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